Favorite Holiday Traditions


My family loves anything Clark Griswold!  Pretty sure we watch those crazy movies year round, but you can bet at the first sign of cold weather Christmas Vacation is watched.  Again and again.  I love every one of the expectations my family has for what the house will look like and what food will grace the table we eat at.  We are creatures of habit.  The tree has the same ornaments every year excluding the new one each of us get.  The blue notebook has the recipes minus the new one we try each year. And truth be told, if Eric would let me I would keep up a tree year round.  In fact, my 19 year old son, Heath, never took his mini tree down.  That tree has been a part of his life since he was born.  Oh the memories…

What does your family hold near and dear to their hearts?  I love hearing stories mainly because of the faces that light up when we share pieces of things and people who have reserved space in our hearts.

What’s your holiday tradition?

Blessings to you and yours!