How about Resolving to Love in Huge, Life Changing Ways? Every Day ❤️


Each new year, heck every day, gives us an opportunity to be the very best version of ourselves. To make that checklist of what’s most important, to reflect on what makes the heart the happiest. I tend to work by calendar, and I always have a checklist…what I don’t do well is stick to it. If you are familiar with the term “squirrel,” well that’s me. The queen of distraction. My heart is big so I want to love everyone. Sometimes stepping away way too soon. My love language is acts of kindness. I think because I see love as life changing, as an emotion that has the ability to change the course of someone’s life, I want everyone I come in contact with to feel it. I’ll close now with this..I resolve to love those I cross paths with in a deeper, more intentional way. Not just this new year as it is beginning but for the length of time we have each other. Blessings, D ~