And, the award goes to…NextHome Cornerstone Realty!

51710849_10211934722838354_1895761610555785216_n LOVE YOUR TRIBE…

I’m 100% positive I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. NextHome Cornerstone Realty and some of our favorite people transformed themselves into the cast of The Wizard of Oz.  From the very beginning, from picking out which broadway production would be our table theme to the selection of costumes, our efforts were well thought out and intentional. If we wanted to win, to take home the prize we would have to stand out above everyone else. Every detail would matter…down to the last minute final touches. What I’m getting at here is more than 100% went into the end result…which was the trophy for Niceville Valparaiso Chamber’s Choice Award for Best Theme and Table.

The same effort and thought processes go into the way we approach real estate.  Well thought out business planning and very intentional service is how we do real estate. From start to finish with those we are privileged to serve, the end goal for us is 100%. We believe in education, we believe in becoming highly skilled experts in our target markets and we believe in the tools our brand, NextHome, affords us.

If we haven’t had the pleasure of serving you, and you find yourself in the market for a real estate professional, we would love the honor of sitting down with you and showing you the NextHome Cornerstone Realty difference.  Our offices are located at 321 John Sims Parkway E, Niceville, FL. Our office number is 850-389-8787.  Be blessed!

How about Resolving to Love in Huge, Life Changing Ways? Every Day ❤️


Each new year, heck every day, gives us an opportunity to be the very best version of ourselves. To make that checklist of what’s most important, to reflect on what makes the heart the happiest. I tend to work by calendar, and I always have a checklist…what I don’t do well is stick to it. If you are familiar with the term “squirrel,” well that’s me. The queen of distraction. My heart is big so I want to love everyone. Sometimes stepping away way too soon. My love language is acts of kindness. I think because I see love as life changing, as an emotion that has the ability to change the course of someone’s life, I want everyone I come in contact with to feel it. I’ll close now with this..I resolve to love those I cross paths with in a deeper, more intentional way. Not just this new year as it is beginning but for the length of time we have each other. Blessings, D ~

Lasting impressions


This is something that speaks to my soul and very much describes the way I approach my business and personal life. I believe we get random encounters to sew joy into people’s lives.  If you know me, you know that I don’t do anything small and that’s because I want people to know that I go above and beyond because that’s my heart not for recognition or gain. You get one chance to make that grand first impression….make it the best one so they don’t ever forget the way you made them feel! #nexthomecornerstonerealty #ephesians220 #lukescommunity

Favorite Holiday Traditions


My family loves anything Clark Griswold!  Pretty sure we watch those crazy movies year round, but you can bet at the first sign of cold weather Christmas Vacation is watched.  Again and again.  I love every one of the expectations my family has for what the house will look like and what food will grace the table we eat at.  We are creatures of habit.  The tree has the same ornaments every year excluding the new one each of us get.  The blue notebook has the recipes minus the new one we try each year. And truth be told, if Eric would let me I would keep up a tree year round.  In fact, my 19 year old son, Heath, never took his mini tree down.  That tree has been a part of his life since he was born.  Oh the memories…

What does your family hold near and dear to their hearts?  I love hearing stories mainly because of the faces that light up when we share pieces of things and people who have reserved space in our hearts.

What’s your holiday tradition?

Blessings to you and yours!